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Learn About Electronics grows and grows!


With around 300 pages and over 1700 illustrations and animations on a wide range of electronics topics, Learnabout Electronics has grown into a major international educational site, with millions of independent learners, and students from colleges and universities all over the world finding the electronics information on learnabout-electronics among the best available.

Learnabout-electronics continues to develop with new topics and new modules being developed continually. The aim of the site remains constant however. To provide the best possible on-line learning experience, freely available to all. Learnabout electronics modules can be easily translated using Google Translate, making them available in over 50 languages.

Much of the success of learnabout-electronics is due to the invaluable input from users around the world who have contacted the site with suggestions, corrections and comments via our Contacts page.


From 2013 all new modules, beginning with the modules on Oscillators, are being developed in HTML5 and designed with new responsive pages to display better on mobile devices, so now it will be easier to learnabout electronics on the go!

Please use the Contacts page to let us know how the new style pages, now with space saving drop down menus and responsive layouts, work for you. Whether you view learnabout-electronics on mobile devices or on desktops your, experience of the site is important.

Digital Electronics


Now you can learn-about Digital Electronics with FIVE NEW MODULES packed with information and circuits on digital technology!

Start with binary arithmetic - Boolean Algebra, Karnaugh Maps, all the essentials you need to know. Step by Step instructions for simplifying Boolean expressions, plus FREE TO DOWNLOAD software to make simplifying Boolean a breeze!

Learnabout Logic Gates


Logic Gates, logic families - why logic isn't just one and zero! Essential information, two whole modules, backed up with animations and real component details.

Logic Circuits - Step by Step


Digital circuits explained, from basic gates to the highly complex circuitry that make computers work, learn how they work step by step. Multiplexers, adders, counters, shift registers and more. Download free Logisim software and over 60 interactive simulations of common digital circuits.

AC Theory

Our pages about AC components and circuits are designed to teach the basics of AC Theory in 11 easy to learn modules. Use them as a complete course, or study any individual topic, including capacitors, inductors, reactance, impedance, waveforms and phasors.

Every module is backed up with a paper version to download, print and keep. The online pages also use brand new interactive animations, adding to our popular transistor animations that are now among the most sought after diagrams of their type on the web. More pages being added regularly and more topics are being planned, so keep checking Learnabout Electronics...

Learn About Oscillators!

Sine wave, square wave, transistor, op-amp and IC oscillators play a vital role in most electronic systems. How oscillators work and what they do. Radio frequency and audio frequency circuits, astables, monostables and pulse width modulation are all here in our popular learnabout modules.

Build a Colpitts Oscillator

Learn about oscillators step by step, or choose any module and learn just what you need to know, including how to design and build working circuits for yourself. How to test oscillators, plus links to relevant electronics industry oscillator data!

Power Supplies

Every circuit (just about) needs a power supply, so you need to know how power supplies work. Learnabout these vital circuits - everything from Basic Rectifiers to Switched Mode Supplies, and from basic components to integrated circuits - all in our easy to learn modules.

The power supply modules are also extensively linked to key pages with detailed information and basic terms you need to be familiar with. Use the power of learnabout-electronics’ hundreds of pages of electronics information to guide you through the stuff you need to know, and important data sheets on power supply components are also just a click away to link you to manufacturers data. Start learning real circuits now with Learnabout Electronics.



N channel IGFET with external substrate connectionQuality teaching materials for your electronics classes, and links to selected electronics sites worldwide for further information. Learn on line, or download printable .pdf versions of key information or whole learning modules to print and keep. Just look for the pdf symbol in the top right corner on many of our learning modules

For Teachers

N channel IGFET with internal substrate connection This site is designed to take your students one stage further in an interesting and informative way. The information will be suitable for students studying on a wide range of electronics courses and is used world wide, anywhere a practical understanding of electronic components is needed. It will provide useful support material for advanced students, and key information for students new to electronics.

For Students

N channel IGFET with external substrate connection

Learning about electronics? Then you need to know about components; on our site you will find full and easy explanations of many common types. Check out our animated diagrams to make transistor operation clear. Find out the right way to test transistors in our Fault Identification Section and get help with those maths problems you need when starting out in electronics.


Step by Step

New Features Check out AC Theory, Amplifiers and Oscillators, with our "Step by Step" learning modules.
Each module starts with "What you need to know", followed up with informative text, clear illustrations and interactive animations to help you learn. At the end of each module a short quiz helps you check what you have learned. A paper version of every module is also free to download to print and keep. Nothing to pay! No need to Log in. Try it!

Translate this site

Translation toolDid you know you can translate the text on this site to any one of over 50 languages? Try it for yourself. Click the Google translator for an instant translation of any page!

Learn More

Learnabout-electronics.org Skeleton Presetis now bigger and better than ever. More electronics to learn about and innovative ways of learning. A complete new section on AC Theory with new components to learn about, new ways of learning, new animations and hundreds of new diagrams and illustrations.